College can be expensive, but based on your choices, it doesn’t have to be.

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East Georgia State College (EGSC) is a part of the University System of Georgia (USG) and is one of the most affordable colleges in the US through its vast resources and partnerships. For example, EGSC students in Statesboro and Augusta pay EGSC’s low tuition, enjoy small classes with professors who know their name AND have access to the wide range of student services at larger USG institutions, such as access to the libraries, clubs, health clinics, athletic events, etc. at Georgia Southern University and Augusta University. With abundant scholarship opportunities, transferability to other colleges, and partnerships with larger USG institutions, EGSC provides an affordable and easy-to-navigate path through the first two years of college. That means less student debt and more money in your pocket! 


Affordability Cost Comparison Among USG Institutions


Cost comparison chart showing that East Georgia State College tuition is less than that of four other Georgia colleges

2020 - 2021 In-State Tuition and Mandatory Fees.
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Borrow Less, Save More

At East Georgia, we’ll do everything we can to save you money and time while setting you up for invaluable opportunities. 98% of our students receive some type of financial assistance via federal awards, scholarships, work study, grants and more! Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be reviewed for any and all aid eligibility.

College can be expensive, but based on your choices, it doesn’t have to be. As the chart above demonstrates, a state college like EGSC is much more affordable than a comprehensive university. Also, we will help you navigate the financial aid application (FAFSA) and the available scholarships that are provided by civic clubs, organizations, individual donors, and the East Georgia State College Foundation and awarded annually. Scholarships may be need-based (based on financial need), merit-based (based on academic achievement), or merit-based with consideration given to financial need.

Scholarship information, criteria and the application are available online at For questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid at or via phone at 478-289-2148.  

Payment Options

Paying tuition and fees doesn’t have to be a complicated process as East Georgia offers multiple payment options! Tuition and fees can be paid by: